SPT is a therapeutic modality that includes a triadic relationship between a client, a therapist and the surrogate partner. Developed by Masters and Johnson in the 70’s, SPT has a high success rate for overcoming sexual, emotional, and relational obstacles. The client and the surrogate enter into a relationship; the client and the surrogate undergo a titrated process of developing skillsets around communication, boundaries, and physical/emotional intimacy that may otherwise not be available to the client to obtain or practice. The exercises are both structured and unstructured (linear skill building and non-linear intimacy of two humans), and allow for gradual inclination and embodied learning towards building confidence in the client to step outside of the surrogate relationship and into real world interactions. The surrogate-client relationship is held in ethical accountability with the presence of therapy sessions in between surrogacy sessions, to aid in the client’s personal processing and integration.

Caitlin is a practicing Intern Surrogate Partner with the International Professional Surrogates Association, mentoring under Vena Blanchard, President of IPSA. Caitlin practices in Victoria, BC, Toronto, ON and is available for travel.

If you are interested in working with Caitlin as a surrogate, please contact her at