20248008_10208720147835223_7374167979949437071_o-2Caitlin K. Roberts is a Certified Holistic Sex EducatorCertified Somatic Sex Educator and Intern Surrogate Partner. She is based in Victoria, BC.

Caitlin works individually with clients to somatically coach them into deepening their pleasure, enhancing or accessing arousal, and expanding bodily awareness. Somatic Sex Education brings in practices on effective communication skills, the research on the connection of physiology and the mind, boundary building, and enthusiastic and consensual one-way touch.

She is well-known for her Body Pride workshops, which began in 2011, and her work in developing the feminist alt-porn company, Spit. She has recently launched The Apollo Project: Sensual Journey’s for Men, with colleagues Cosmo Meens and Mehdi Darvish Yahya. She is a co-founder of the Happy Touch App: Connecting Clients to Sexuality Practitioners. Her work is queer, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed.


Caitlin also specializes in Mindful Masturbation and Porn Literacy for youth and adults.

Caitlin is available for coaching, speaking, teaching and media appearances. Please contact her at caitlinkroberts@gmail.com






If you are interested in working with a male practitioner, Caitlin is married to Cosmo Meens who is also a Certified Somatic Sex Educator. Cosmo works for Pamela Madsen at Back to the Body: Sensual Retreats for Women. He can be contacted at cosmicsexbod@gmail.com